For over 12 years, Moksha Family has been supporting artistic exhibitions and cultural showcases for the community. Now we need your help to keep Moksha Family alive.

What is Moksha Family?

The Moksha Family Arts Collective is a multi-media conduit for artists, musicians, performers, technicians, holistic healers and creative supporters who come together for unique and innovative projects for the community. Having been based in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, FL, the Moksha Family provided an outlet for artistic expression that fosters multi-culturalism, consciousness and experimentation. These principles are the roots that established the Moksha Family as a cornerstone for visionary arts in the region. With deep connections to local and international artists of various genres and styles, the Moksha Family continues to present dynamic showcases that highlight cutting
edge art and distinctive collaborations.

The Moksha Family is not a singular organization, but rather a hub that brings different individuals and groups together to facilitate a greater impact. With an extended communal arrangement offering a specialized array of skills, the Moksha Family provides a platform for a cast of stylistic voices within various mediums. Through progressive formatting and expansive networking, the Moksha Family strives to raise the
profiles of the featured artists and generate more recognition for the diversity of talents involved. By sustaining a safe environment for artists to release their passion for conceptual innovation, the Moksha Family empowers creative liberation for those willing and dexterous enough to embrace the possibilities of a higher self within our society.

An integral component of our foundation, we include wisdom from historic and current pathways while tapping into illuminating channels of internal understanding. By inspiring experimental interaction through the arts, we stimulate an aesthetic exchange that manifests with a convergence of consciousness. While designing forums with a stream of synergistic elements, the Moksha Family events are often more than linear presentations but something that brings the artists and audience together for a transformative experience.

With the intent of expanding greater understanding and awareness, the Moksha Family shapes connections through educational forums and artistic showcases to develop unity that honors our multi-cultural heritage. Since the Moksha Family is based in Miami, FL, we are fortunate to live in a region that embodies so many different cultures. These roots share a lineage that binds our community together and offers indigenous and contemporary references within a unique context. The mixture of artistic initiation, educational exploration and a broader historical foundation provides the Moksha Family with opportunities to grow beyond traditional standards and reach people with a higher purpose.

Accenting the creative energy that has been embodied by the Moksha Family, a selection of artists have been commissioned to represent a visual manifestation through special artworks called the Moksha Symbols. These pieces have become unique characterizations that merge the individual artist’s style with the Moksha flavor that expands the Moksha
Family Mythos. These images have been seen all across the world. Over the years many of these pieces were debuted at selected showcases, but now there is an annual commission that is debuted during the Moksha Art Fair – our flagship event that coincides with Art Basel Miami Beach in early December.

A lot of love, time and funds have already been invested into shaping this sacred space for our creative community, but now we need YOUR HELP to stay open while we work through this transition. Over the years we have built up and grown a unique venue that encapsulates the natural beauty of Miami, the technical sophistication of a multi-media venue, the artistic depth of a visionary art gallery and the soothing hominess that comes from the shared experiences of 1,000’s of happy people. Unfortunately, now Moksha Family will have to move and find a new location.

We are launching this fundraiser and asking our local and international communities to support us as we work to fortify our new base and grow as we continue to produce inspiring events that bridge cultural gaps in Miami. Our expenses include space rentals, marketing, artist and tech fees, staff salaries, equipment and materials.

With our current programs and a new space sustained, we would be enabled to grow and pursue our larger visions which includes purchasing property in Miami for our programs to have a permanent home, cultivating the Moksha Experience as a touring showcase with various national festivals; instituting a Visionary Arts Retreat; fostering an international cultural exchange, creating a clothing line of wearable art and establishing a large-scale festival based on the Moksha Art Fair.

Any donation helps and sharing this with your network would be greatly appreciated! We would love to continue to provide the community with a place where we can all truly express our visions. We thank you for your support, loyalty and love.

To learn more about the Moksha Family Arts Collective, please check out www.mokshafamily.org or www.facebook.com/mokshafamily – spread the word!

The incentives for this Fundraising Campaign will be updated from time to time with New Rewards and the items will be sent out 10-12 weeks after your contribution has been received, along with recognition on our Donors Page.

Thank you!

Moksha Family Arts Collective


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